The English-Speaking Union was initially created in order to inspire effective communication through the training and study of debate and public speaking techniques.  On a global scale, the ESU is the largest organizer of debate and public speaking tournaments for young people at the academic level.  Our methodology aims to motivate the student, teaching them to express their own ideas with clarity, structure, enthusiasm, bravery, and at all times with respect to their fellow students. 

From day one, our workshops focus on teachings from the most classical schools of oratory and rhetoric which are fundamental in developing a solid foundation in the communicative arts.  All trainings and activities are performed at all times by both the mentor and the student in English. This reinforces previously developed language skills while developing essential abilities in the four critical areas of communication: thinking, listening, speaking and nonverbal skills.

Domestically, the Fundación was born out of a specific motivation: to contribute to the future of Spain at the socioeconomic level by empowering it’s youth, shaping them to be more competitive in the international labor market.  We believe it is imperative that these young men and women not only know how to speak English, but how to profit from English by teaching them to communicate, convince and inspire.