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The ESU is a unique global educational charity and membership organization that brings together and empowers people of different languages and cultures. By building skills and confidence in communication, we give people the opportunity to realize their full potential. Worldwide, our members and alumni support us in this work. Our vision is to provide people with communications skills, confidence and opportunities to engage in an exchange of ideas and opinions. We endeavor to see that the value of good communication and cultural exchange as essential to individual, community and global development.

Who will you reach by being a University Member?University of Oxford

As a member in our Universities network, you will play an integral role in the development of an educational community in Spain that aims to provide students with global opportunity, creating them to be the leaders of the next generation. You will also be a member of the global ESU community, consisting of ESU branches in over 50 nations. This world-wide network seeks to further this mission: to foster international friendships and diplomacy through educational initiatives which promote the betterment of interpersonal communications in the medium of the English language.


Advanced Communications Training

The Fundación English-Speaking Union España remains dedicated to providing the best training in public speaking to participating students and teachers at all levels

As a compliment to the University Membership, Universities may choose to offer specialized workshops to those students interested in additional training. This is a great way for students to take advantage of all opportunities of the University Membership.


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Through the advent of the Internet and new information technologies, the world has become increasingly more competitive in recent years across all sectors.  Because of this, it is imperative that today’s university students in Spain learn how to move themselves in what has become the universal language of English.


To this end, it is not enough to simply study grammar and vocabulary. To enter the competitive environment of today’s economy, both domestically and globally, students must learn to 1) formulate their own ideas in a structured and logical manner; 2) communicate these ideas with passion and courage; 3) connect with their audience in order to solicit the desired outcome of their communications.

Through its university programs, the ESU España addresses this crucial need. We work directly with the student, either in a small group class or a one-to-one basis, to develop and hone in on their public speaking abilities as well as augment overall self-esteem and self-worth. 

Additionally, the ESU España customizes programming to the specific needs of the University, working closely with academic coordinators and student actvity organizers to ensure that all students have direct access to the best trainings and resources available, as well as opportunities to participate in tournaments and educational programming with other Universities and abroad.

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29 OCTUBRE 2014

SALA C205 DE 10,00 A 14,00 HORAS

The English-Speaking Union has co-organised with the Universidad Carlos III the presentation event for the bi-lingual university competition. The Sociedad de Debate UC3M faced Duke University in a debate about political responsibility.

The ability to speak and debate in public and a good command of English are two of the most important weapons that Spanish university students must master in their quest for success in the international job market. For this reason the Madrid students will have the opportunity to test their skills in an official debating tournament organised for the region in 2013. As an introduction to this tournament the Sociedad de Debate UC3M organised an exhibition debate in English between its own debating club and Duke University, which ranks amongst the top US universities.

Conscious of the importance of debating and the need that Spanish students have to acquire these skills, the organisers of this event have received an important institutional support for organising the First International Bilingual Debating Tournament in the Comunidad de Madrid, next year. La Fabrica de los Discursos, the company with whom ESU-Spain has a cooperation agreement, also participates in organising these events.